4 steps to get the best postpaid plan EVER

Do you think you already have the best postpaid plan ever created? You’re probably an Airtel postpaid subscriber – if you’re not, you’re missing out!

Postpaid connections are all the rage among those phone users who require a high amount of monthly data and fast speeds. But despite every mobile service provider’s claims to the contrary, most postpaid plans are poorly executed. You either have a low data ration for the month, or the speeds are so slow that loading even simple text pages takes a really long time. Other causes of dissatisfaction include being billed wrongly for excessive data consumption, being charged for calling and texting, patchy network on bad weather days, etc.

Get rid of the clutter and sign up for a truly radical postpaid plan. Want the best postpaid plan in the market? Choose from among Airtel’s plans in the postpaid category. It’s simple and cost-effective, and you will thank yourself later. Check out how to get Airtel postpaid in just 4 steps:

#1 Browse for the plan you like.

Flick open the myAirtel app or look at the Airtel website for the current postpaid plans being offered for your city. If you are based in Delhi, you have a choice of five different plans, priced between Rs 399 and Rs 1,199. You can look up the plans, their features and benefits, and choose one basis how much data you need, if unlimited calling (STD, local, roaming) is important to you, whether you want access to Airtel’s music and movies app, whether you want a year’s worth of free Amazon Prime (you get this on all plans except the Rs 399 one), whether you want add-on connections for the family, etc. Once you zero in on a suitable plan, hit ‘Select’ under that particular plan to proceed. (Refer to the illustration below)

#2 Place your request for the plan you want to buy.

Once you have selected the best postpaid plan for yourself and hit ‘Select’, you will be directed to another page on which you must enter a couple of details to proceed with the purchase. This is what this page looks like:

After hitting ‘Continue’, a representative from Airtel will contact you to take the purchase process forward. At this point, you can even discuss your needs in greater detail, and choose to change the plan you originally selected for another one. You might be an existing Airtel customer – you can change your current plan at this stage, too.

#3 Submit your KYC documents and take the Airtel SIM card.

The KYC process for Airtel postpaid is fairly simple. You must submit a couple of self-attested documents (Aadhaar card copy/PAN card, and residential proof) along with a postpaid application form. At this stage, you are given the Airtel SIM for your postpaid connection, but it is not yet activated. The proofs are verified, and you are notified about the plan activation.

#4 Insert the SIM card on activation.

Once you receive the SMS alerting you that Airtel has activated your postpaid SIM, you can insert it in your phone and start using it. There are some preliminary setup steps to follow – these are on your phone screen, you just have to follow them. Within minutes, you can start using the SIM and the best postpaid plan that you chose.