Best Laptops for Graphic Design 2018

Everyone is eyeing the latest laptop for graphic design. There are numerous choices, and at the end of the day, it also takes a person with a sense of knowledge of computers to attain the best laptop available. There are many characteristics available in the best laptop so one has to consider every aspect in the laptop before finally making the decision to buy the laptop. Graphic designing needs both hardware and software so it needs a lot of research and advice from the experts before finally being able to pick the right one. But we need to use the laptop in every aspect so we still need to make sure that the laptop is light, has a long lasting battery, has a high performance with a good screen; as well as a low price.

Therefore, today we will be providing a guide on how to get the best laptop for graphic design in 2018. Usually, gamers or designers will need the laptop as these require high graphics. It is to take note that if you just want to play a DVD movie on your laptop or a downloaded youtube video you definitely don’t need a high graphical laptop. Same goes for playing games like Candy Crush or Farmville. If you are playing Final Fantasy XIII on Steam, yes, you need a good graphics card. If you are playing Assassin Creed pc version, yes, you also need a high-end graphics card.

What do graphic designers need in their laptops for the best graphics?


The speed, RAM and processor can affect the speed of the laptop. Make sure that you have SSD in the laptop or rather a high RAM, let’s say, 8GB RAM. As for the ROM, or the storage – you should get at least 1 TB of space. The best processor to get now is i7 or AMD drives, but the very least for a normal user to get is an i5 processor. This is because of technology updates so fast, if you get an i3 right now you will be outdated in 3 years.

RAM is a temporary storage drive. It is a hardware that stores temporary data in the computer. The minute the computer is turned off, all the data stored on the RAM will be automatically deleted. That is the reason why every time your computer gets jet lag you can restart the computer to replenish your RAM and let the computer run smoothly. Generally, all computer users know this, as this is one of the basic computer skill that everyone should have. Come on! We are in the 21st century – If you don’t know this tactic generally you can’t even work in the office.

SSD- Storage Drive store data permanently. It also boots the computer fast as well as make the processor run faster.


Getting a screen with higher resolution and a larger size would mean better viewing experience with intrinsic details. A large screen with strong colors would mean better graphics designing experience.

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Graphic designers do not use the laptop for designing only. They still need to use MS Word and reply emails etc. They use keyboard shortcuts to make their life easier as well. Therefore, making sure that the keyboard shortcuts are placed in the proper way on the keyboard is essential to doing work fast.

Battery Life

A long battery life is something every user wants in their laptop, not just in a graphic design laptop. Finding electricity source is also very frustrating when your battery is flat or perhaps completely unusable and you need to find a nearby shop with a plug. It is equally annoying if you can’t find a plug and your battery is dead, so make sure you get a laptop with long battery life.

Top Laptop for Graphic Design

Apple MacBook

Well, Apple is like a personal brand image! Although the IOS and Android are now almost at the same level – Huawei and Oppo phones are killing iPhones; anyhow, for laptops, it is a different matter. Macbook is more expensive but the Apple Store do claim that Macbook is virus free- means that the computer will not hang due to viruses and adware. However, MacBook Pro has an Intel i7 processor and 16GB of RAM. However, if you can’t get used to Apple, you might want to stick to Microsoft.

This laptop has high graphics but doesn’t have any USB ports. It also has high resolution on its screen. Unfortunately, it also costs a damn lot to buy so most people will go for the normal laptops. However, it is still the best laptop in the market at the moment.

Microsoft Surface Book 2

The Surface book screen is not that big but the performance of this laptop matches the Macbook mentioned earlier. It also runs on a screen resolution of 3000×2000, and it does digital sketching and graphic designing pretty well. It can be dismantled from the keyboard to be turned into a tablet, where you can sketch on the tablet to your heart’s content with the stylus that comes along the purchase of the tablet. If you feel it is too expensive you can search online for the predecessor model.

Dell XPS 15

This model comes with a core i7 processor and 16 GB of RAM. It is one of the highest performance levels in the market, only losing out to IOS. It has many ports like USBs, HDMI and so on. It also has a high SSD of 512GB, and it is well worth the price – It is affordable and reasonable for the performance based on the price. Therefore if you do not want a very expensive laptop, maybe you can grab this sweetheart from the local supermarket, so long as you can afford it. As mentioned earlier, the price is reasonable for the performance, so everyone that wants to get high specs computer should grab this model. Going to the local computer store showroom will let you have a better picture of it.


To get the best graphic design laptop, you need to consider all the hardware and software in it, along with the price as well. Every penny is worth it if you get the right laptop.