Creating an Online Prayer Group for Your Church

There have been some incredible differences that are present between the 20th and 21st centuries. While in the past it was thought that there could never be more of an advanced era than the 20th century, the past 18 years has certainly proved that old adage incorrect. The 21st century has seen some amazing advances in numerous fields. One of the main fields of advancement that the 21st century is associated with is technology. There have been exponential increases and advances in the tech industry in the past two decades, and they will only continue to become more and more pertinent as the century progresses.

One of the major ways that technology has affected all civilizations throughout the world is the way in which people communicate. While in the past phone calls and letters were the way that people communicated with one another, the 21st century has seen a complete shift in this field. People are constantly using their smartphones and computers to communicate with each other, through everything from texting to social media accounts. With such a busy world that the 21st century has created, people often do not have enough time to get together and converse with their friends and family. This has affected all aspects of life, including one often-overlooked one: the church. Churches have begun to shift towards more Internet-based ways of interaction, through multiple outlets such as online streaming of services and sermons. One way in which churches have and will continue to do this in the future is through online prayer groups. Many churches are seeing a decline in attendance for their prayer groups, so shifting them to an online platform has been incredibly helpful.

By deciding to set up an online prayer group for your church, you have taken the first step towards modernizing your church. Understanding how to do this may seem complicated, but it is actually quite simple! There are many ways you can go about creating an online prayer group, such as creating a Facebook group, or utilizing a separate platform. You can link it to your church’s Facebook page and anyone who desires can join up. Within the group anyone can share a request for prayers for sick loved ones, for anyone else who needs prayer, or for any other matters which require others’ prayers. Having an online prayer group creates interaction between community members and builds a strong bond between people. You can also use the prayer group to discuss items like bible study, donation for items like new church chairs, and so much more!

Final Thoughts   

The 21st century has seen some immense technological advances – from smartphones to driverless cars to the rise of social media. Internet technologies have greatly altered numerous fields, especially the way in which people communicate with one another. Creating an online church prayer group is an example of the change in the way people communicate, and it is also an excellent way for people in your church to interact in a 21st century context.