Disturbances and Prevention in radio frequencies

It is not a secret that with increasing frequency, in various parts of Venezuela there have been protests, looting of commercial stores and cargo vehicles. In general, these events have as protagonists the State’s security forces, who protest or activate the robbery and the direct victims of said actions. But on the other hand, sometimes the physical integrity of citizens who are not involved in events in which they are involuntarily involved is compromised. Hence the importance of considering some necessary preventive safety measures.

Quality Information: Before making any decision, it is essential to have information. To do this, contact family or friends who are near the place of the disturbances, and can inform you about them. Although traditional media, radio, and television are an alternative, social networks have proven to be a useful tool when it comes to disseminating information to a large number of people and in very short times. But not always what is mentioned there, is reliable information. To avoid making wrong decisions, select in advance those sources that have proven to be lacking sensationalism and to be trustworthy. Repeating without verifying the data received can be a mechanism that contributes to multiplying violent actions and risk levels. The police can use a 406 MHz RDF for communications during this period to quell the unrest.

Option B for Shelter: If violent actions are held in or near your place of residence or work, it may be the best option to stay where you are and to expect the level of risk to go down. Exposing yourself unnecessarily for a sense of alarm and immediacy can have unfortunate consequences. If the disturbances extend in time near your workplace, contact your collaborators and explain your situation. If the environment around your home remains threatening, determine a place to go and stay. Hotels, residences of relatives or friends are some alternatives. Under no circumstances do you wait on public roads or open spaces.

First the Life: The criminals might take advantage of the agglomeration of people and the environment of confusion, to steal goods. If that is the case, remember that any tangible asset is recoverable and that nothing approaches the value of your life and that of yours. The delinquent could use as façade a partisan political identification, to justify physical aggression and to mask the real objective that is your valuables.