Get Rid of Any Data you Want Permanently with DoYourData Super Eraser

If you are looking for a data erasure program which can permanently remove, delete or erase files, folders and data from your storage devices, computer, hard drive, SD Card, USB drive, memory card or external hard disk, then DoYourData Super Eraser is your one stop solution. It you want to completely make your data irrecoverable and permanently shred files and sensitive info from your hard drive, then Super Eraser is the perfect option.

The program doesn’t just erase the files and folders you want, but makes it lost forever. So, if you want to keep a backup, then think carefully before using it. The erased data can never be recovered via any data retrieval program or data recovery software. If you want to erase any file, you don’t have to destroy the whole data. Just select the folders or files you wish to delete and Super Eraser will permanently wipe out your selected files and folders.

It helps in deleting files in three modes:

  1. It completely and permanently deletes chosen files from your storage media.
  2. It wipes the full hard drive and storage device.
  3. It safely deletes unused disk space to erase deleted files permanently and leave no trace on the hard drive.

If you are planning to donate, sell, gift or withdraw your PC or hard drive, then it is suggested that you permanently delete the data which contains your private details to prevent any kind of leakage. Super Eraser is perfect for this job. It will wipe out everything and anything you want from any device permanently. You can immediately download the free trial version and use it for Windows as well as Mac OS.

Some of the properties of Super Eraser are mentioned below:

  • The software supports an uncluttered and simple user interface which allows you to see and double check the folders, files as well as directories you wish to permanently delete from your drive. You can begin by selecting the files you want to delete and wiping out the free space from the main window also.
  • The data are deleted to never be recovered. Yes, the major perk of this software is that it allows you to delete the data so that it is never recoverable even with the help of third party program. You can just choose any deletion mode you want and it will yield desired results.
  • You can also delete the unused space so that you can remove out the cookies, memory dumps, junk files, caches, browsing history etc. so that no traces are left on the device.
  • It is a permanent deletion tool which helps you to secure your sensitive data and files. In case you are clueless about the level of protection of your device, then just use DoYourData Super Eraser to wipe out the files and folders and get the perfect peace of mind you need.

The software is cent per cent made to delete all the files and folders permanently and never retrieve them again.