How the Pokemon Emulator Game Works

The Pokémon game is only available on Gameboy. To play on your Android tablet or smartphone, you will need to install an emulator. If you prefer a Gameboy emulator, which will be lighter and have a more adapted and easier to play interface on your Android device. Then you will have to install an emulator through a play store and play.

What is an Emulator?

Literally, the term “emulate” means “seek to imitate.” An emulator of a video game reproduces the behavior of a game on a device other than that for the purpose it was designed. In practice, such an application allows, for example, to play a Game Boy game on a smartphone

Emulators are applications that mimic other system and provide you with the environment to run an application (e.g., games) specific to that system. For example, you can experience an Android environment on the PC.

Necessary Steps to Take the Pokemon Emulator Game

To play the pokemon emulator games, you must;

  • Install an emulator and play games
  • A support device: smartphone, tablet, or computer,
  • an emulation application (which will imitate the console),
  • ROM files (games).

Steps you should use a ROM with an Emulator:

  • Download the file on your device
  • The emulator should be opened on a computer or smartphone
  • Choose the file
  • To play.

Good to Know: some applications require moving the ROM to a particular folder. In which case, the information is often indicated. 

How it Works

  • If we build the following program on a PC, we can make the three orders of the “SNESgfx” graphics chip be understood by the “gfx4PC”:

  • If we receive 87, then send a 12 to the gfx4PC

  • If we receive 50, then send an 18 to gfx4PC

  • If we receive 76, then send a 27 to the gfx4PC

This main processor will execute the program, and it is precisely an emulator. The program will read the file data with the program, find the instructions and translate them (for example, using a table with the equivalences) and send the correct commands to the PC chip.

How to Use it

Emulators for MS-DOS

These emulators are usually distributed in the form of compressed files with a ZIP extension. To use them, once downloaded from the Internet, we must use a utility to unzip ZIP files, such as PKUNZIP or WinZip. If we use the PKUNZIP program, which is based on MS-DOS.

Once this is done, we will have the new files that make up the emulator package. Among these files there must be at least one with an EXE extension that will be the executable of the emulator itself; in this way, just by typing its name in an MS-DOS session and pressing the ENTER key we will enter the emulator. Generally, there will also be files with extension.TXT or.DOC: they contain the documentation of the emulator and in the very important information about its operation and configuration.