How To Smooth Rough Edges in Photoshop

In this tip, for those who do not know, you are going to learn how to blur and smoothen the edges of a photo with Photoshop. With this effect, there will be no more photos with those straight edges that are very bad.

·         First Step:

You have to have the Adobe Photoshop program, you give it to file/open/, and you choose a photo you want. Now pay attention: you have to put in the space that says openwork a 30 and enter. just above the photo, in the menu above.

·         Second Step:

With the selection tool in the tool panel on the left, it is the first to the left starting from the top to the bottom you select an edge of the photo, leaving a small margin. Check if in “draft” you have a 30 as value, if not, put it now.

·         Third Step:

Okay, now you give selection that is in the tool windows above, and in the drop-down menu, you choose to invert, so the edge you have selected will invert its address.

·         Fourth Step:

Be attentive to the color indicated by your color palette, double click on the color box, change the tone for a white, you always have to put white, then ok. After this, you will not see any change, but it is important that you have it that way.

·         Fifth Step:

Now with the selection reversed, you hit the delete key. of your keyboard, TWICE and you will see how the blurred effect stays. It only remains that in the menu above you select/deselect, and you’re done, save the photo.

Obviously, you can play with the values of the draft and the times you press delete and get a more intense effect. Also learning about is not a difficult task, so it is imperative that you understand the steps.