Smart, Android TVs gives a Premium Look

The smart, Android TV features adds a premium look to TVs which can easily attract lot of customers and they become fan of such product brands. The smart android features includes Ethernet component, dual band Wi-Fi account, Bluetooth, Official Android OS, nice design, great picture quality, loud audio output. So many smart TVs are using Android at the base of its smart interface and has a special version called as Android TV. So many TV brands like Vu TV have launched a new range of Android UHD TVs available in 3 sizes with same features like 55 inch, 49 inch and 43 inch.

Features of Android UHD TVs

  • 4K Panel.
  • Premium design and appearance.
  • Slim bezels on 3 sides of 4K Panel and bottom have sound bar type speaker.
  • 2 additional HDMI ports and USB 2.0 port.
  • Headphone jack on the back.
  • Amazing picture quality with vivid colors, good contrasts and deep blacks.
  • Excellent sound quality.
  • Smart phone app is needed to control TV over Wi-Fi competitors.
  • For accessing all the contents, Amazon fire sticks can be added.
  • Consistent performance.
  • Affordable prices.
  • Latest technology.
  • Better inbuilt quality and durability.
  • Good reputation.
  • High Dynamic range.
  • Pixelight HDR quality gives high quality pictures.
  • Curved TVs gives 3D like experiences.
  • Inbuilt Opera OS has its own apps.

Always there are pros and cons while selecting anything and the best decision can be taken after thorough product analysis and now it has become very easy for customers to analyze as many offline and online sellers are there who can give all the latest updates with detailed information and thus customers will be benefitted a lot. There are different models of LG LED TVs and customers as per choices can select the brand and product of TV. The LED TVs are elegantly designed having vibrant in displaying the images with special features and better energy consumption.

The home entertainment includes Home Theatre System, Wireless speakers, sound bars, multi- media speakers and TVs has various models like LED, LCD, UHD, Smart TV, Super UHD 4K TVs etc. The better range of TVs gives best viewing experiences and customers like the cinematic view experiences at home. Now with the immense of latest technology viewers have unlimited list of choices which makes them confused what they should select as all the products of all brands are more or less unique and best. The OLED, LED, LCD, HD, Full HD, HD Ready etc, are available in different sizes and as per product features prices vary. There are wide range of HD and 4K Ultra HD sets in TV stores with big screens to high end displays which makes them costly.

Important Tips to Consider in Purchasing TV

  • The choice of TV must have resolution greater than or equal to 4K resolution.
  • Must have HDR compatible set which offers more realistic colors and better contrast.
  • TV must have refresh rate more than or equal to 120 Hz.
  • OLED TVs looks much better than LCD, LED and comparatively they are expensive.
  • 4 HDMI ports are best.
  • Smart TVs are best.
  • Avoid the extended warranties.