Smart Tips for Clicking Better Pictures from Phone

Everyone got a smartphone these days but not many of us know how to good pictures. Even though users have great hardware, they are unable to make best of it to capture good shots. Failing to understand the hardware or camera or the nice features embedded usually results in bad pictures. Here are some of the best tips and tricks which can help in shooting like a pro.

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Make use of HDR

Every other smartphone has HDR capability built in, but not everyone knows how to make use of the HDR mode properly. HDR mode are excellent no matter what phone you are using it will help in enhancing the quality of the image to the next level. HDR essentially helps in bringing more contrast to the clicked, and it works like a charm in the low light conditions. Your smartphone might have HDR mode as default, and if it isn’t the case, then you can use by using the toggle in the camera app. You will be required to toggle to this manually each time you wish to get a highly detailed picture with better contrast.

Touch to focus is not just a feature

Almost every other smartphone now comes with an auto focus feature which helps in taking quality pictures easily. But this doesn’t help you in focusing on the subject you wish to capture organically. So, make use of “touch to focus” feature and make your item stand out from the crowd. Capture the exact thing you want to get in the frame of the picture. To make use of it merely tap on the screen or area, you wish to appear sharp in the captured image. The moment you touch upon the screen your camera will work towards refocusing and capturing the thing you want to make prominent. This trick is best utilised for getting the best macros shots.

Keep your phone steady

Most notably the best way to get better photos is to hold your phone steady while taking pictures. It doesn’t matter whether you have a high-end fast camera or some new age camera sensor in your phone you have to keep hand steady. Phones with slow shutter speed or high shutter speed still require steady hands to get the right picture in an instant. Therefore, make sure your hands are steady while taking pictures, and your grip is firm. This will allow for more light to enter the camera and you will get the best picture with less effort. Experts state that after aiming at the scene, you want to give a click on your phone and hold it like for 2 or 3 seconds more to get the best shot.

Spend some time in composing your shots

Most of the people tend to take pictures without giving any thought to the surrounding, symmetry or scenic beauty of the same. It is essential to bring some cohesiveness or likeability to the images clicked by you. Rather than taking random shots spend some time in composing the shots like a professional which will take just a few moments. You can either go for a portrait shot, macro shot or a close-up shot to be specific. Once you have chosen what kind of shot you want to capture, then focus on bringing subject right into the frame and click it. Make sure there is no clutter in the image, and it is necessary to bring subject stand out of the crowd of the environment it is in.

Maintain a good white balance

It is vital to have an excellent white balance in the captured images as it helps in making photos appear better. To obtain the best shots you have to ensure that natural colours come up apparently in the photos. Smaller lighting changes can play a big difference in capturing good shots. Start using the environmental lights to your advantage. While shooting in the low light conditions make use of additional lights to illuminate the subject before taking the shot. It should be noted that the brighter objects make less noise. So, when taking pictures make sure bright light is hitting the face of the subject rather than the backs. You should start making use of the rear flash to get the best shots during the low light conditions. Though professionals recommend making use of natural lights in the night, not the flash if you wish to get best shots.