The technology of Printer Ink

Over the years, one of the most commonly asked questions by the people is regarding printer technology. The concept of inkjet, dye sublimation and toners are quite different from each other. Here is a brief detail of all the three which will help you determine what is the best for your printer.


These kinds of printers are found at the house. The printers themselves may have a vast assortment of attributes, and they give themselves to great excellent photo prints. Inkjet printers have simple features which can be easy to use and flexible lately blending technologies. The conventional ink-jet printers offer you decent speed for many devices while still generating sharp printing quality. Some more costly ink-jets are constructed for specific uses for professional photographers and graphic designers. Inkjets are not used for intent. Traditionally, the most ink-jet printers utilize dye-based inks within their formulation, but lately many of those high-end printers are utilizing pigment-based inks.


You’ve probably seen those enormous hulking copy machines at a workplace or company, these printers use toner to publish. Toner, or as it’s often known as “Laser Toner”. It is very different compared to its counterpart that is overburdened. Toner is greatest when employed for high efficiency / high volume printing especially in the offices. Toner is a powder which throughout the printing procedure is moved on to the printing paper electrostatically then mixed to the paper using heated rollers. Normally these printer components have different components which make them marginally more complicated than an ink-jet. It “sprays” micro sized droplets of ink onto the page. Toner cartridges may be expensive, but also have a greater longevity and may publish more pages, and typically cost less per page.

Dye Sublimation

Dye sublimation technology is losing its vitality in size. It is pretty affordable to print high quality pictures. All these printers rely on “ribbons” together with all the “CMYO” (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Over Coating). The over coating of it helps make the printout resistant of the UV light. This kind of printing technique offers for a great quality of photo and is an ideal option for individual use.

The ink of the printer has an important role to play. Day by day the technology of printing is developing and new technologies are being inserted. The technology of the ink is evolving as well. You can try looking out for the printer inks online. Several websites such as offer discounts respectively on the printer inks and toners.