The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Good Reseller Hosting Service

Reseller hosting can present the perfect opportunity for online freelancing professionals like web designers and web copy writers to get ahead. With so many other web designers in the market, offering an extra incentive can be the only way for you to get ahead of the competition and retain your customers. Reseller hosting provides you with the perfect opportunity to do this. It is cheap both in terms of setup and maintenance costs and you basically don’t have to add anything to your work load; you simply purchase a reseller hosting plan and offer it to your clients as an add-on.

 It is understandable to be intimated by the process of selecting a good reseller hosting company to us. After all, there are too many online and should you choose to do this on your own, you will likely end up disillusioned and confused. The following criteria for finding the ideal reseller hosting service should make the process easier;

  1. Begin with the Most Reliable

There is no shortage of reseller hosting providers to choose from. A simple Google search will present you with hundreds on the first page alone. The main test is choosing a provider that is reliable. The problem is, reliability can be difficult to measure of you don’t know the company or have never used their services before. An easier way to determine if a reseller host provider will be there for you to the end is to establish how long they have been in business. Avoid newer providers who haven’t been providing hosting services for at least five years. Ratings and reviews can also help you determine a provider’s reliability.

  1. Cost

Reseller hosting plans are already quite affordable because of the increased competition. In this business, the most expensive service doesn’t always mean the best. Neither should you choose the cheapest. Instead, check whether the pricing patterns correspond with the features. By that we mean determine the features you will need, decide on your non-negotiable ones and then decide how much you are willing to pay for the features you want. Don’t worry, reseller hosting is relatively affordable. You just need to ensure you are getting the best value for money or the offer you make to your clients may not be the ideal one.

  1. Support

When doing your research make customer support a priority. Unless you are well versed in the technological aspects of web hosting, you will need help at some point and you want a hosting company that will be there to provide this help any time you need it. Beware of simply taking their word for it when they say that they will be available to you 24/7, instead test before you buy. Trying reaching out with a question about their services and see how long it will take them to respond. How they treat a potential customer should carry more weight than how they treat a paying customer.