Troubleshoot slow internet speed with PTCL speed test

Are you dealing with slow internet speed? Then taking speed test again and again won’t resolve the issue. PTCL speed test is the reliable option to configure the accurate speed but still, you have to figure out the wireless interference or any errors that directly or indirectly affect the stability to the internet. Now it is your duty to fix the real causes of slow internet speed by taking Ptcl speed test available for free online.

What is slowing the internet speed?

There are many reasons due to which your internet speed may slow down. The real causes of slow internet connection may vary from a cheap router, an overloaded channel, bad Wi-Fi spot to the interference such as radio signals, or barriers. So instead of banging your head on a keyboard or waiting for downloads like forever, try resolving the issue immediately to get your digital life back.

Take PTCL speed test

It is wise to take a speed test by using PTCL speed test. The test will enable an individual to know that you are getting a reliable internet rate. Running a test is easy and simple. Just go to the official site of PTCL speed test and click on Begin to start the test. Remember that taking a test by plugging an Ethernet cable will show different result then wireless connection. Observe the transfer rate or download speed.


  • Go for best ISP`s or router settings


When you first start the modem, many channel settings or router settings need quick update. Most of the settings will be set to default but others need to be changed based on the devices. Check ISP`s or router website for accurate settings.


  • Run a scan


Yes, most of the times it is a virus that is causing real interference in slowing down the internet speed. Such viruses live on PC`s and are not detected by a simple antivirus. Just install a good antivirus and use the daily scanner to get rid of the virus.


You are definitely lucky one if your internet connection is reliable otherwise try one of the tips and get a stress free bandwidth by taking a PTCL speed test for a productive internet.