Ways to Meet with Team Members or Customers

If you must present a webinar or large web conference, you need to consider which tool to use. Most of the time webinar tools have a huge price. AnyMeeting is supported by ads-so it is free. AnyMeeting can offer its services to users at no cost, at no cost, making it a perfect for businesses that are small and can benefit from hosting webinar but don’t have the money for paid-for tool. There is an easy way to sign-up for your first online meeting.

Free Screen Sharing

When you choose to use free screen sharing, you can choose to either share the full screen or to share a single application that is running on your computer.

Other options

Other options with AnyMeeting include:

  • Free video conferencing
  • Free HD video conferencing
  • Free browser based so no download
  • Free built-in phone conferencing

Blackboard Collaborate

Like an in-person classroom or training setting, virtual classroom software is where all the learning happens. With redesigned Blackboard Collaborate, there is no Java; everything happens in the browser, so spreading is very simple, and everyone has convenient access to tools, with nothing to install.

Learners currently

Learners today want to participate and work together with new ways. Virtual classrooms and online professional development will offer new occasions to meet your learners where they are.


If you would rather have virtual classroom software as they are many virtual classrooms – just search and you will get a list of all of them. SkyPrep is a cloud-based management learning solution that gives a platform got training administrators to creating, managing and selling training courses. It has features that are key – including custom branding, automated learner enrolment and blended learning.

Users upload their presentations

SkyPrep’s course lets users upload their videos SCORM content, PowerPoints, and other kinds of media to develop training courses that are custom, self-paced, instructor-led or done through a virtual classroom. The courses can be branded and customized with an organization’s own website, logo and colour theme.

SkyPrep has an e-commerce functionality that allows users to sell sources to customers and reseller. The mobile learning ability allows trainees admission to course while on the move using tablet and smartphone.