What Exactly Is Content Strategy, Will I Benefit From It?

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines content as “the principal substance, such as written matter, on a website.” It also means “topics or matter treated in a written work.” Now picture a blog on a website being read.

The same dictionary defines strategy as “the art of devising or planning towards a goal.” Now consider the blog. Are there keywords and a call to action? Was the goal of reading the blog to find a product or service? Did the blog accomplish its goal of selling a product or service? What happens when these two words are put together?

What Content Strategy Is Exactly

Content strategy is an outline containing topics, a niche readership, goals, SEO, keywords, calls to action, promotion, and ROI. The outline tells you who creates the content, in what time frame it’s being created, for whom it’s being created, and perhaps most crucially why it’s being created. After all, words on a blog just take up space unless they inspire or spur readers to action.

The goal is to reach the intended niche with the product or service for which all the planning is being done. Not only that, another consideration is that the content has to reach people holding a smart phone, tablet, when they’re not sitting at a laptop or desktop computer.

Best Practices in Creating Useful Content

For a content strategy to work, it should embrace several things:

  • Your goals should be your users’ needs and excelling at meeting them.
  • Understanding how users think of something; reading the comments should give a clue. Then communicate in their language.
  • Be findable and acccessible. Readers should be able to find content through SEO and able to reach you to communicate.
  • Be consistent.

Benefits of Content Strategy

A website is created with the aim of reaching someone who wants something you sell. Since no one with a website wants his words to take up space on Google’s millionth page, then content strategy is a no-brainer. The most important content strategy benefits are:

1. Improved SEO

The big thing today is quality over quantity. Keyword stuffing is out, and quality is in. More seekers will find your content because it will be in the first few Google pages.

2. More Website Traffic

Those who find you will be impressed with your quality content and remain on the site. They will return frequently and repeat business rules.

3. Educate Users

Most people want to know about the features and benefits of a product or service before they buy. This is a golden opportunity to teach users about your product or service.

4. It’s About Relationships

When you get leads, you get in touch with them. They become customers. The more communication there is between you, the more loyal the customer they will become. Loyal customers stay with you in spite of sales or coupons elsewhere.

5. Increased Brand Recognition

All that loyalty increases brand recognition. This will bring in more sales, more leads, and more satisfied customers, which is the goal, after all. You will be more visible, have better social media interaction, and have more credibility.