What is a Pharmaceutical LIMS?

Without a doubt, technology has led to drastic changes in all fields and this includes biotechnology. Research and development have led to numerous new diagnostic and treatment modalities for dangerous diseases that previously had none. Many of these diagnostic and treatment options have come out of the field of pharmaceuticals. Treatment options for HIV, AIDS, cancer, and dangerous infectious diseases have pharmacy research and development to thank. One of the technological advances that have changed the pharmaceutical fields is a laboratory information management system, often shortened to LIMS. What is a pharmaceutical LIMS and why is this important?

LIMS: An Overview

A LIMS is a software-based option for the field of pharmaceuticals that has been designed to improve the workflow throughout the lab. With the amount of information passing between hands at any given time, it is easy for this vital data to get lost in translation. This can lead to slowdowns in the lab itself. The goal of a LIMS is to support this workflow, track data, ensure that the various devices can talk to each other, and exchange data efficiently. Over the years, LIMS have evolved from simple tracking of samples to powerful enterprise laboratory tools that can manage multiple aspects of pharmaceutical informatics.

What can a LIMS Do?

Of course, many people would like to know exactly what a LIMS can do. Like other software options, LIMS come in all different shapes and sizes. While it was originally constructed to manage the samples in a lab, it can do so much more than that. Now, a LIMS can manage the various assays in a laboratory, look for trends in a large set of data, run regression models, act as an electronic laboratory notebook, and help machines talk to each other. LIMS are largely responsible for the field of translational medicine and its efficiency. Additionally, LIMS can also track the regular maintenance of various machines, ensuring that it is performed on time. LIMS can also ensure that a lab sticks to the compliance measures that have been put in place.

The Importance of a LIMS to Pharmaceuticals

With the advent of Pharmaceutical LIMS, the efficiency of many processes in labs have been improved to a great degree. Largely, without this improved efficiency and automaticity, many of the new processes in medicine would not have been possible. It will be exciting to see how the field evolves as pharmaceutical LIMS are able to automate more and more processes. With newfound time tracking, quality assurance, and controls that have been put in place, it is important for all labs to stay ahead of the curve and ensure that they are incorporating a LIMS into their everyday procedures.