What to do when your dell laptop plugged in the power socket but doesn’t get charged?

When you plug in your laptop in a power socket, the laptop will greet the charge with an indicator on, and the screen will get brighter. That is what a laptop is supposed to do, but sometimes when you plug it into a charger, because it needs a charge as the charge in the battery is gone, but nothing happens. The indicator didn’t come up and nor did the screen went bright. So, what’s wrong?

The main point is that it might be anything that went wrong, from your AC socket to the battery several parts are working to charge your battery.

So, lets troubleshoot what can go wrong with Dell laptop batteries:

  • The first and the foremost thing you need to do is to check whether you are plugged in. You need to check that your cords are rightly and fully inserted inside the AC socket. Now, check the battery in the socket, whether it is seated. Check there that pin went in rightly in the computer’s socket. You can try to plug the laptop in a different AC socket in your house. So, if everything is okay, and still your laptop isn’t charging, then it mustn’t be any user fault.
  • Now, take off the battery and plug in your laptop in the AC socket. If it powers on, your problem is your battery.
  • Check if there are any breaks in the cord of the charger. You can bend it and flex it and check for any type of Check the connector points, if anything got broken or eaten by a pet. Try to smell any plastic burns in your cord.
  • Sometimes it may happen that due to heating problems of your laptop, your laptop won’t charge. Check for heating problems.
  • You then should go to the settings of your laptop and check for battery, sleep and display settings options.
  • Update the drivers for your laptop.
  • If the above nothing worked for you, then you have to call for a laptop mechanic, because experts need to check it.