Whatever you wished to know about visitor management system

Visitor-management system is a modern technology based on recognition of the face. It allows the operator to know about the numbers of visitors who entered the premises, the time spent by every visitor, and such other details. Schools, shopping malls, hospitals, railway stations, and airports have many visitors every day. They are an easy target for the anti-social elements and the terrorists. Visitor management solutions check all people who enter and exit and store their biometric details in the database. A Biometric visitor management is placed at the entrance. The face of the visitor entering the premises is captured using the software and camera.

If the visitor visits the place for the first time then he gets enrolled in the database. However, if he had made a visit earlier, then his details will be detected and will be allowed access only if he is not blacklisted. Many advocates oppose using face recognition for Visitor Access Management solutions. They feel that this stored information may be misused. Apart from this, it invades the privacy of a person. People do not want their details to get revealed to outsiders. There are chances for the stored information to get stolen by the imposters. This is true to a large extent, as there remains a possibility of identity theft.

Biometric access control

With rapid advancements in technology, technical security is becoming highly complicated day by day. Biometric access control and access control are the newest high-end solutions for security that helps you to secure your technical assets. Biometric access control is the ultimate solution for security. This high-end security is made possible due to the latest technology in access control. Access control offers you smart door access in retail and security. Customized solutions are available to the retail and the banking sector for more enhanced security. Personal security and corporate security are the main objectives of security solutions.

The main areas of several companies are manufacturing, developing, deploying, delivering, and maintaining a biometric hardware and software solution. A development in this field is customized for a business. Access Controls maintain and deploy a huge range of sensitive solutions for an end-user. Visitor Management System is a biometric solution that can track the entry of the visitors as well as their exit from the office premises by using the software. It is highly advanced and it not only stores the photo of a visitor but records the earlier visits, which may have happened. Another biometric product is a time keeping device such as employee In and Out times, without accessing or punching cards.

Face Recognition

Face Recognition software is a revolution in the field of technical safety. It eliminates the requirement of a password and a username. This technology allows a secure log to the Microsoft Windows. This has been made possible because of the innovative face recognition technology. This innovative technology along with other technological developments in the field of Visitor Access Management has made things simple and easy. There are providing high-level security and it has resulted in theft reduction, loss of life and property due to terrorist attacks, and many more.