What’s in A Name? 7 Things to Consider When Naming Your Brand

A name says a lot about an entity. Whatever name you give to your brand will largely determine how the public perceive your company. It tells them what your company stands for and if they can actually patronize your product. That is why I always recommend that people trust their brand name into the trusted hands like that of Design Grafico. People already have a conceived idea about your company just looking at your brand. So, it is pertinent that you examine your brand development strategy. The following tips will guide you to choose the right name for your company.

#1: Keep it simple

Don’t go on with lengthy names with tough pronunciations and spelling. What‘s the essence if your consumers cannot pronounce your company’s name with ease? Avoid branding disasters and keep it simple. Get a few people to call out the name and notice take note if they find it difficult to pronounce. You can also do telephone calls and say something like “Thanks for doing business with WCY Co.” Listen to yourself and judge if it’s audible and easy to pronounce. This is really important and it requires great consideration in your brand development strategy.

#2: Make it visually appealing

Some images stick better than sound to the memory. It has been scientifically proven that people remember what they see far better than what they hear.  Try use images that create a visual vigor; use words that spark imaginations and make them stand out in the logo. Use color also; they also stimulate people’s reaction and emotional association with things. You can reflect calmness with green colors or high energy with red colors. However, the color you choose can either be a push or a drawback to your company brand.

#3:  Use strong positive words

Don’t even allow any word that would trigger negative emotions. Keep all words in your branding positive because some people are highly sensitive to words. In some regions or languages, some words have deep meanings, so study the area you want to do business in and ensure that the word you want to include in your branding does not put them off.

#4: Clearly identify

Don’t be vague; keep it real and simple that your audience will find it easy to understand the scope of your business. Make your brand name easy to identify and locate. Watch it spread and don’t be overly ambitious because before your brand becomes a household sensation, it would take a little time.