Why are plasma lighters so cool?

Plasma lighters are the next big thing in the world of smoking and outdoors devices. The plasma lighter makes a cool sound that is similar to the sound of lighting. It is believed to be the most advanced kind of lighter around. And this is not only because of its high tech sounding electronic equipment. The plasma lighter features a lot of things that can have it considered the next step in humanity’s need to set things on fire.

Let’s find out a few of the things that make plasma lighters so special:

Plasma lighters don’t use fossil fuel

In the age of conservationism, plasma lighters are more up to date than conventional ones. They do not only look cooler, but they are also cooler with our ozone layer. Plasma lighters do not release damaging emissions to the atmosphere as conventional lighters do. And this is a big deal to the safety of humankind. Carbon dioxide emissions along with other emissions that are the byproduct of combustion, damage the ozone layer and warm up our planet. At least you know that if you buy a plasma lighter, you won’t be contaminating with every smoke you take.

Another thing to notice about the Eco-friendly characteristics of the plasma lighter is its energy source. The electricity of plasma lighters isn’t burning any other than the thing you want to burn at the moment. Fossil fuel from conventional lighters comes from non-renewable sources. This makes its production very unsustainable from an environmental point of view. Plasma lighters don’t face this problem.

The thing that plasma lighters do use is lithium and cadmium. Lithium and cadmium batteries are very widespread nowadays, but won’t be the only elements to be used to make batteries. Lithium is available in vast amounts around the Earth. It is not renewable, but techniques are being used and developed to recycle this material. This is important to notice, but remember that lithium won’t be the only element for batteries in the future. Magnesium will also be a material that will be used for this, and it can also be recycled. Fossil fuel for internal combustion engines cannot be recycled once it is burned.

So, plasma lighters use a more convenient source of energy and will work with the next elements that will be used for batteries in the future. Also, don’t judge products such as the atomic lighter by its name. This one does not use atomic energy. It’s a fantastic plasma lighter just like the ones we describe in this article.

Plasma lighters are not lighters!

Once the pun is over, plasma lighters do have an immediately noticeable advantage over conventional lighters. They weight a bit more. This can be an advantage for some. They are not that easy to drop if you have fast hands. You will notice that they have a nice grip to them. Some people whine about the fact that they drop their lighters when igniting things with them.

Being a little bit heavier than old school lighters, they can be used for tricks, or can even be thrown like a weapon. It is your choice!

Plasma lighters make a cool sound.

They use electricity. This is a fact of plasma lighters that is very unique for this kind of products. And this makes them perform interestingly.

Plasma is a very cool state of the matter.

Plasma is the state of the matter that your plasma lighter uses to ignite things. You can see it when you activate your lighter. It looks somewhat purple and reminds us of lightning storms because these storms are made out of the plasma.

Plasma is the fourth fundamental state of the matter. Scientists think that plasma might be one of the most abundant forms of ordinary matter in the universe.

They say that it might be, because they don’t know much about another mysterious form of matter called dark matter, which is, for now, hypothetical. Until this particular universe mystery is solved, we might want to think about plasma as a big part of what stars and outer space is made out of. What is a pretty neat thing plasma, don’t you think?